I can be hard-working and keep on doing smth during a large period of time, but it’s very hard for me to simply start to straightforwardly proceed.I like to keep creating plans, analizing and gather information a bit every day.

For now, i have to do my university tasks and study game dev.
Last 3 days I was thinking about it, reading some articles and doing nothing.

I even started writing about it!

Ok, that’s a final point. I go set up my tasks on trello and finally get to work, huh.
So, i decided that i’ll be posting about what I’m done and have learned(i believe every few days) aside from other posts, if i’d have something to tell about.

What is my motivation doing it?

The answer is to become more productive.

Suddenly, i thought that it would be a good idea documenting my learning path. My writing skills are not so good, but i assume that writing a blog would be a good english practice and a way to organise my thoughts.

The fun…

Andrei Ioffe

Software engineer student, good person

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